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Robert Sax

Read movement demands in their respective order:    FB/Open/Masters/teen

Super Cindy:     8 min amrap      

pull up x5:                                                           (weighted with med ball between legs / chest to bar / pull-up / pull-up)

push up to 12" paralette x10                                 (same for all divisions)

wall ball x15    20/14                                            (2for1's / standard wall ball for open and master / air squat)

(teams perform 20 ctb   30 push up  40 wall ball for 25 min amrap.  Same sex pairs complete a full round togetherContinue Reading
Push up to 12" paralette means holding the paralettes right? Go down until thumb hits chest?
Which two wods will teens do?
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box jump height is 24/20

Gorilla Games Information

Robert Sax

Greetings to all competitors!  We hope training is going well.  We are writing to let you all know that from here on out, this webpage will be the sole provider for any updated information in regards to the 2013 CrossFit Amped Gorilla Games. That includes (but is not limited to) updates on workouts, volunteers, vendors, prizes, entry fee, parking, timing and any other aspect pertaining to the event! 

With all the comments and questions coming in, it is becoming too difficult to respond on Facebook, emails AND inquiries coming into this Games page. There has been a degree of miContinue Reading
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judges meeting is this friday at 7pm at crossfit amped!
Hi Rob ~ I signed up to judge. Just wondering what time and where the judges meeting is taking place. Was it Friday 12/13 at 6pm? Or Saturday sometime? I can't remember if it was decided. Thanks!

Masters Men slot open!

Robert Sax

I just had a men's masters slot open up in case someone wants it!  the first to email ROB@crossfitamped.com gets it!    


Robert Sax

greetings competitors!!   hope youre all preparing for the games!  they are right around the corner and we are psyched to test your fitness!  There are a few drop outs and sign ups happening so keep checking your emails if you are on the "wait list".       for all future questions please contact me at rob@crossfitamped.com


Izzy Cross Fit Amped
Registration is now open.
Please again take note that the Gorilla Games this year is just a 1 day event at ShoWare Center on December 15th.

Hope to see you all there.
Gorilla Games Team
i have a complaint. Waiting until November to hear the first WOD announced is too far away. Please move those dates up, thank you :)

Important notice

Izzy Cross Fit Amped

Gorilla Games Athletes,

We received news that has changed the course of the 2013 Gorilla Games.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Joint Base Lewis-McCord has been forced to pull out of the 2013 Gorilla Games. They are being faced with furloughs and budget cuts which has caused them to stop all current and future events being held on base. Rob, myself and the rest of the Gorilla Games team are disappointed that day one is no longer being held on the obstacle courses of JBLM. We are confident though that 2013 will still be an amazing event. This year games we will be hosContinue Reading


Izzy Cross Fit Amped
Over the last few years the Gorilla Games has grown. In 2012, there were 422 athletes from 25 different boxes in 6 states. This year we plan for an even larger event. It is extremely important to us as we have heard that it is important to you, that each box have an opportunity to put together a team for this year’s event if they so desire.

So here is the game plan:
Team Registration will open up on August 3rd, two days prior to regular individual registration. In order for your box to field a team, you must email me directly at izzy@crossfitamped.com no earlier than 9am on AuContinue Reading

2013 Division Breakdown

Izzy Cross Fit Amped

Men / Women Open – Must be at least 18 years of age by game day. There will be no exceptions to this rule as athletes 17 years of age and under will not be allowed on base for day one. Standard RX weights and movements apply.

Men / Women Firebreather – You know if you’re a Firebreather or not. If you have to think about it, your not.

Men / Women Masters –Must be 40+ years of age by game day. Standard RX weights and movements apply.

Teams – (2 men / 2 women) Standard RX weights and movements apply. (53/35) KB, (24/20) Box Jumps, Pull-Ups and so on.

Teens – Boy or Girl, must Continue Reading

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